Gabes Matmata Airport

On Thursday 11th March 212 the Charter Bulgarian Air flight touched down at Gabes Matmata Airport (GAE), the flight was operated by an Airbus Airbus A320-231 LZ-LAC arriving at 16:41 from Brussels (CRL) Airport.

A part of the airport is still a military zone, the Gabès-Matmata civil terminal has been managed since 2008 by the Office of Civil Aviation and Airports (OACA). It has a 3008 km track 06/24.

The flight was operated for Fenixrally’s occasion in Douz, South region of Tunisia.

The flight (1T803) left from sofia airport at 08:38 & landed at Gabes Matmata International Airport (GAE/DTTG) at 16:41(local time);

Sofia (SOF)-Warsaw (WAW)-Brussels (CRL)-Gabes (GAE);

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