Bulgarian Air Charter Airbus A320 arrives at Gabes Matmata Airport

Gabes Matmata Airport

On Thursday 11th March 212 the Charter Bulgarian Air flight touched down at Gabes Matmata Airport (GAE), the flight was operated by an Airbus Airbus A320-231 LZ-LAC arriving at 16:41 from Brussels (CRL) Airport.

A part of the airport is still a military zone, the Gabès-Matmata civil terminal has been managed since 2008 by the Office of Civil Aviation and Airports (OACA). It has a 3008 km track 06/24.

The flight was operated for Fenixrally’s occasion in Douz, South region of Tunisia.

The flight (1T803) left from sofia airport at 08:38 & landed at Gabes Matmata International Airport (GAE/DTTG) at 16:41(local time);

Sofia (SOF)-Warsaw (WAW)-Brussels (CRL)-Gabes (GAE);

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