The first edition of the International Air and Defence Exhibition in Tunisia, held at Djerba International Airport, concluded today 08 March 2020.

This course was successful by all accounts, with 111 exhibitors (direct and indirect), 38 participating countries and 42 official delegations from 51 countries attending the events.

The first day of the opening of the exhibition saw the presence of a large number of visitors, to learn about all types of aircraft and equipment displayed, the first day recorded the participation of 4800 visitors, the second day 5200 visitors and the third day recorded the attendance of 3,900 visitors.

The exhibition was opened by the aviation sections of the exhibition since yesterday to the public, where the exhibition recorded large numbers of visitors during the first day reached 12 thousand visitors, while the second and last day exceeded 14 thousand visitors, they came from all over the country to participate in this extraordinary event and the first of its kind in Tunisia in terms of The exhibition has extended to an area of approximately 100,000 square meters of Djerba International Airport.

The air shows continued for the fifth and final day, as the Tunisian Air Force began its display with a constellation of aircraft consisting of an F5 aircraft and two L59 aircraft decorated the skies of Djerba in red and white colors of the Flag of Tunisia, and then the special forces units of the Tunisian army, landed two paratroopers attached to it. With the Tunisian flag, they performed a military salute to the tunisian national anthem.

Turkish Airlines made a great offer with F16 AIRCRAFT, which was followed with great passion by the audience, while Saudi Arabian Airlines made an offer for BAE HAWK MK-65 aircraft and it was a special offer that was welcomed by everyone.

Tunisia has participated in this international exhibition with some aircraft from its military fleet, offering air shows F5 and L59 fishing aircraft and UH60 helicopters, as well as aircraft for display only, and has provided a C130J-30 aircraft and two OH58 and UH60 helicopters.

The exhibition was an opportunity for investors and aviation and defense professionals to get to know many international companies coming from all over the world to showcase their military and civilian space industries, where they organized several interviews B2B and B2G, which spanned three consecutive days and led to a decade Many fruitful deals for investors and those interested in this field.

By Ismail

Aviation blogger at from Djerba (DJE/DTTJ) in Tunisia.

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