The second day of the first edition of the International Air and Defence Exhibition – Djerba Airshow 2020- in Djerba continued today, March 5, 2020, at Djerba International Airport for 5 consecutive days.

The exhibition was an opportunity for investors and those interested in aviation and defense to get to know many international companies coming from all over the world to showcase their military and civilian space industries, where they organized numerous interviews B2B and B2G, which in turn led to many fruitful deals.

Air shows continued for the second day in a row as Saudi Arabian Airlines made an offer for BAE HAWK MK-65 aircraft, while Turkish Airlines chose to present its offer with F16 AIRCRAFT.

The air shows were interspersed with several press conferences, during which some countries provided all their services, such as the Czech Republic represented by DSI- DEFENSE AND SECURITY INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, a company that works directly with the Czech Ministry of Defense, which specializes in the production and marketing of military equipment where it occurs. Its representative of the latest aircraft and associated technologies.

The South African country also held a press conference in which a representative of DCD PROTECTED MOBILITY, a leader in the field of military equipment, provided the company and its field of services (mainly the design, manufacture, integration and maintenance of military armor) and its latest productions in this field.

The company of the Northern Cyprus state’s SHELT spoke to its representative about the latest cybersecurity programmes.

The second day of the International Air and Defense Exhibition concluded with a seminar for the organizers of IADE TUNISIA, where the General Manager of the exhibition presented some figures and data regarding the first day as following:

 32 Participating countries
 43 foreign official delegations
 100 direct and indirect exhibitors (live show in the suite \/ indirectly multiple
exhibitors with one suite)
 Two military aircrafts (Saudi Air and Turkish Airlines)
 28 new civilian aircrafts

The General Manager of the exhibition concluded the seminar by emphasizing the success of the course and promised to return the exhibition to the island of Djerba in subsequent sessions, and we note that the International Exhibition IADE is organized every two years periodically.

DJE AVIATION blog offers you a selection of photos from the second day of the scene:

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