We had the opportunity to get inside the Lockheed C-130J Super Hercules military transport aircraft during our visit to the Tunisia Djerba Air Show.

We toured inside the C-130J Super Hercules of one of two Tunisian Air Force’s aircraft of this model.

The cabin of the C-130J, which is flexible and adaptive according to its mission of transporting equipment and soldiers, in addition to relief efforts, extinguishing fires and flights.
The cockpit is located on the upper deck (you can reach it through the stairs), which increases the area of the lower cabin.
The cockpit of the plane is equipped with four multi-use displays, in addition to two screens for each plane, for front view.
The door opens at the end of the fuselage vertically and enables convenient horizontal charging.
One of features of the plane is that it is equipped with a system to avoid collision with other aircraft in the air and technologies to control landing electronically and a radar with a range of about 460 km, along with an anti-missile warning system in addition to several other advanced systems that can be installed on the nose and tail of the plane.
The crew consists of 3 to 6 (at least 2 pilots plus a navigator and 1 to 2 loadmaster)
The load reaches 92 people or 64 soldiers with full weapons or 74 patients with medical personnel.
Or approximately 19090 kg and may include 2 to 3 Humvees or an M113 armored vehicle.
The aircraft is equipped with four Rolls-Royce AE 2100 turboprop turbochargers with 6 blades per engine.
The US Air Force is the largest user of these aircraft, but in the Arab region, many countries have included their military fleets such as Tunisia, Iraq, the Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Egypt.

By Ismail

Aviation blogger at djeaviation.tn from Djerba (DJE/DTTJ) in Tunisia.

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