Tunisair CEO Olfa Hamdi said, during a three-day working visit to the state-owned airline center in southern Tunisia, which consists of Djerba – Zarzis, Tozeur – Nefta and Gafsa – Al Qasr, that her visit comes “within the framework of evaluating a new business plan for Tunisair”.


According to a statement ,issued on February 9 “The workers of the Tunisair group in the south have been successful in their duties over the years, and the biggest proof of this is the regularity of flights with a rate of 99% in this center.

This is the result of the combined efforts of all components of Tunisair and all other national institutions operating at airports.” says Hamdi, President and CEO of Tunisair group.

Olfa Hamdi at Tozeur Nafta Airport

“The three airports can accommodate more than five million passengers a year, and this is considered a national gain because airlines and airports are a major engine of the economy, and for southern Tunisia to be the locomotive of a regional economy.

Tunisair , with all its branches, including the Tunisair Express, played a major role in building this gain, and the presence of Tunisair in these airports despite the harsh global conditions on the aviation sector is the biggest evidence that Tunisair is an effective engine for the regional and regional economy, and the carrier will have a leading role in activating this gain in the short and long term.” the statement said via Olfa Hamdi official Facebook account.

By Ismail

Aviation blogger at djeaviation.tn from Djerba (DJE/DTTJ) in Tunisia.

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