The President and CEO of Tunisair announced the possiblity of resumption of flights connecting Gafsa to Tunis, via its subsidiary Tunisair Express.

Olfa Hamdi also indicated, at the end of a working session, that this resumption takes place within the framework of the revitalization of the Gafsa-Ksar airport.

Hamdi said that “aviation is one of the engines of the economy, and Tunisair is one of the foundations of national sovereignty and an engine of the economy in general (travel agencies, economy, tourism, transport…)”

She added, “There is an initiative that is being studied with the Ministry of Transport to consider the possibility of returning domestic flights between Tunis and Gafsa-Ksar airport and operating a commercial line feasible for Tunisair and at the same time as locomotive of economy in the country.”

In addition, a visit by the Minister of Transport Mr. Moez Chakchouk is scheduled for the beginning of March for the implementation of certain decisions taken in favor of the airport in question, according to the same source.

Olfa Hamdi in the Cockpit of Tunisair Express ATR

Tunisair Express UG, were previously operated its ATR72s on this route.

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